Episode 05 – The Battle Plans and Execution of Leadership with Kelly King

Kelly King is Executive Vice President of Sales and Distribution with AT&T. Kelly leads the Sales Distribution organization for AT&T. Throughout his career, Kelly has held a variety of leadership positions in the wireless, wireline, and video businesses, both domestically and internationally. He has experiences across consumer, enterprise, and strategy. In this Episode, Kelly reflects on leadership development, the four R’s of balanced performance, and maintaining high performance teams.

Episode 04 – Investing in Education and Leadership with Jeff McElfresh

Jeff McElfresh is the Chief Operating Officer of AT&T, a global communications leader serving more than 100 million mobile and broadband customers in the United States, and millions of business customers.

Jeff has more than 25 years of experience with AT&T in a variety of strategic, operational and technology leadership roles. Most of his career has been in our Mobility business — the biggest single driver of AT&T’s consolidated revenues. In this Episode, Jeff reflects on the value of education, the importance in investing in personal development, Stan Sigman’s principles of leadership, and the ubiquitous nature of data access and how wireless has revolutionized the role of data in our daily lives.

Episode 03: Integrity is Not For Sale with Kris Rinne

Join this episode’s conversation with Kris Rinne, former Senior VP of network technology at AT&T Labs. Kris is an inductee to the Wireless Hall of Fame and the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame. Kris reminds us of the importance of people where clear communication, authenticity, and accountability each underscore the importance of integrity in personal and professional relationships. We also discuss the multiplicative value of diversity in teams.

Episode 02: Reflections on the Importance of Execution with Bill Hogg

In this episode, we speak with Bill Hogg, former President of Technology at AT&T. Bill speaks to the importance of execution in getting innovative products to market and to inspire teams to action. We discuss the vital empirical feedback that execution provides and the detail orientation that execution provides on the path to mastery.

Episode 01 – Let’s Begin: On Stan Sigman, Leadership and Innovation

To start the series, join me in conversation with Paul Roth and Mark Collins, organizers of the Friends of Stan Sigman, entrepreneurs, and contemporaries of Stan Sigman’s at AT&T. We discuss Stan Sigman and his achievements, why the Stan Sigman Leadership and Innovation series was started, and how the values and principles behind Stan’s success are a model and example for many, particularly for students at West Texas A&M University, Stan’s alma mater.